Fish Cake Factory

We visited the Kamaboko (fish cake) Factory at Himeji during the golden week. Although the factory was closed for the holidays and we couldn't see how they make the kamaboko, we spent our afternoon at the flower park owned by the factory.
Also, we bought some really fresh kamaboko from the souvenir store, and it was amazing to see so many varietites there.
After we came home, I cut out the kamaboko we bought using my fish cutter for dinner.

Simple Recipe

I usually prepare this dish on my busy day.
It's simple and doesn't take more than 15 minutes to prepare.

- tomato
- spinach
- cod / threadfin
- rice
- seaweed

1. Steam fish for about 4 mins
2. Place chopped tomato and spinach on the fish
3. Continue to steam for another 5-6 mins (until fish is cooked)
4. make triangle rice balls using rice mould
5. wrap them with seaweed
Note: If you feel that the fish tastes blend, you can add a little amount of soy sauce

Salmon + Bunnies

I love the salmon here in Japan, they are fresh and taste great in every way. Fried Salmon is a great bento dish and it doesn't require much time to prepare.

This is how I do it
1. Fry Salmon until the outer layer is slightly crispy
2. Steam Spring Cabbage and Carrot for 3-4 mins
3. Use Bunny Rice Mould and Faces seaweed cutter for Rice balls
4. Cut out Kiwi into flower shapes